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3 Cuscaden condo by Sustained Land

When visiting the open house of 3 Cuscaden condo, you will be able to meet all kinds of people. Beginning from investors whom will be looking to snap up any potential rental properties, first time buyers looking for something that would provide value for money, and also baby boomers that would like to downsize their responsibilities and size – you would be able to get it all from here.

The reason why condos have managed to become so popular in today’s era is because of the benefits and flexibility that it has to offer to its tenants. This is because in addition to having your own unit, you would also be able to share ownership of the building, land, and common areas. Simply put, you would be sharing the cost with other people while the property management company or board of directors would be making the bigger decisions.

Hence, it would be safe to say that you will be hearing a lot of buzz being created for 3 Cuscaden condo. That will make you ponder if it would indeed be a smart choice for you or not. In order to find out more about it, please read through below.

Someone else would be looking after the outside work

One of the major benefits from owning a condo would be that you will no longer have to handle the additional hassle of worrying who would be doing the outside work. Thanks to there being a dedicated maintenance team in place, they will be doing this job for all the residents. So be it mowing the lawn, repairing outside structures, or even shoveling the snow – they will be able to do all this for you. As for the cost of the services, your monthly condo maintenance fees will cover all of it.

Major costs would be shared among property owners

As has already been stipulated by law, a portion of the condo maintenance fees would go in to a pool fund. So that the property will still be taken care of, the fund will cover major repairs such as roofing and replacing windows without additional cost being incurred by the owners. So, even in the off chance that the fund would fall short, a special assessment would be done. This will ensure that the cost would be shared equally by all the owners.


You will be able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle should you decide in buying a unit at 3 Cuscaden condo. In addition to enjoying your personal and private space, you will be able to share common areas such as recreation rooms and swimming pools. This will give you the perfect opportunity to socialize with your neighbors.


The high-end condo here will offer you with benefits where you would not be able to see in the average apartment building nearby. These would include a private gym, theatre room, party room, and a swimming pool.


Thanks to owning a condo unit at 3 Cuscaden condo, you will be able to reap the benefit of customization. As a result of this, you will also be able to decorate your personal space the way you had envisioned it to be. You would be given the freedom to paint the falls, put up pictures, and everything else under your own roof. Come and talk to us if you’re keen to purchase one for yourself or as a gift to someone special.

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