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Attractions of an Emerging Condo such as Haus on Handy

Haus on Handy, an emerging condominium setting up by City Developments Limited (CDL), located at prime orchard road district 9 precinct and nicely positioned between Handy Road and Mount Sophia. A pride of the exclusive Dhoby Ghaut resident committee, perks of residing in this newly launch condominium will be highly remarkable based on international standard.

The prime location of this condominium is highly regarded as ultra-convenient, surrounded by many leading commercial facilities around the clock within your neighborhood. A young and vibrant community attracting young couples looking for a private sanctuary home.

Besides pulling in the younger profile, it will also be a very convenient destination for most of the people around, especially when many of whom may have children or expecting to have a family soon. If this is your current perspective, haus on handy condo could be a match made for you. The convenience that it will provide to you and your children will leave you in awe: The nearby attractions and facilities of this new condominium are as follows:

a)      Educational Institutions


Being a parent of any real estate with growing up kids, they would want their children to study near their home naturally. As it seems, residing in this area will bring that dream come true. This condo by CDL is near to many educational institutions such as the Singapore Management University (SMU) and many other similar institutions such as College of Arts that can make you worry less about your kids by making them in proximity to their home, or if metaphorically say, closer to your heart.

b)     Social Amenities


Who would not like any social outings? Everyone loves social amenities whether they are young or old. The Haus on Handy’s residence will also have access to some special amenities catering to children of different backgrounds, facilities such as indoor playground, BBQ pits, jet pools, spa pools and modern gymnastics. All these amenities will be provided in-house for the residents to enjoy every part of it.


c)      Shopping Malls


The orchard road shopping malls is highly regarded as the main attraction, a stretch of glitzy malls lining the 2.8km corridor. The shopping malls in proximity to Haus on handy are The Cathay, POMO, Plaza Singapura and many more. It is a plus point for those who loves shopping as much as wine & dine. Also, it will be extremely time-saving for those who want to shop quickly in times of urgency. Having such great malls near your home can provide you with a variety of options to choose from where to shop. Wouldn’t that be amazing? So many malls, so many brands and so many to choose from along the way.

d)     Fort Canning Hill


In the old times, Singaporeans used to call it The Forbidden Hill (Bukit Larangan), it is one of the famous attractions near Haus on Handy condominium. You should have a good read on it if you don’t know about it. It dates back to the 1800s, an old middle-class residential area. Since the condo is located nearby, residents will have easy access to this place easily. The perk of this venue is that it will provide residents to explore the city. Along with that, it will also offer people with a beautiful viewpoint that can be something of a romantic destination for young couples like you.

e)      Best Connectivity


The locale of Haus on handy has one of the best connectivity in town, mainly due to the station connectivity of Dhoby Ghaut MRT and the famous Triple Line Interchange. One of the most important underground interchange stations of Singapore is Dhoby Ghaut MRT, known as Mass Rapid Transit. The importance of this is that, it remains the only station in Singapore to have a triple line crossing. You will find it at Orchard’s eastern end. Do check it out too whenever you will get the chance.

f)       Public Transport


Not everyone can support their own transport or even if they can, they may want to use public transport. Especially the young parents and in most of the cases, cannot seem to afford a car in this expensive city. They would love to have a place where they can travel around the different parts of the city easily.

Having all these attractions and facilities around, not only will this condo become more attractive shortly, but the valuation of Haus on Handy condo will increase steadily in the local market too!

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