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Attractions of an Emerging Condo such as Haus on Handy

Haus on Handy, an emerging condominium setting up by City Developments Limited (CDL), located at prime orchard road district 9 precinct and nicely positioned between Handy Road and Mount Sophia. A pride of the exclusive Dhoby Ghaut resident committee, perks of residing in this newly launch condominium will be highly remarkable based on international standard.

The prime location of this condominium is highly regarded as ultra-convenient, surrounded by many leading commercial facilities around the clock within your neighborhood. A young and vibrant community attracting young couples looking for a private sanctuary home.

Besides pulling in the younger profile, it will also be a very convenient destination for most of the people around, especially when many of whom may have children or expecting to have a family soon. If this is your current perspective, haus on handy condo could be a match made for you. The convenience that it will provide to you and your children will leave you in awe: The nearby attractions and facilities of this new condominium are as follows:

a)      Educational Institutions


Being a parent of any real estate with growing up kids, they would want their children to study near their home naturally. As it seems, residing in this area will bring that dream come true. This condo by CDL is near to many educational institutions such as the Singapore Management University (SMU) and many other similar institutions such as College of Arts that can make you worry less about your kids by making them in proximity to their home, or if metaphorically say, closer to your heart.

b)     Social Amenities


Who would not like any social outings? Everyone loves social amenities whether they are young or old. The Haus on Handy’s residence will also have access to some special amenities catering to children of different backgrounds, facilities such as indoor playground, BBQ pits, jet pools, spa pools and modern gymnastics. All these amenities will be provided in-house for the residents to enjoy every part of it.


c)      Shopping Malls


The orchard road shopping malls is highly regarded as the main attraction, a stretch of glitzy malls lining the 2.8km corridor. The shopping malls in proximity to Haus on handy are The Cathay, POMO, Plaza Singapura and many more. It is a plus point for those who loves shopping as much as wine & dine. Also, it will be extremely time-saving for those who want to shop quickly in times of urgency. Having such great malls near your home can provide you with a variety of options to choose from where to shop. Wouldn’t that be amazing? So many malls, so many brands and so many to choose from along the way.

d)     Fort Canning Hill


In the old times, Singaporeans used to call it The Forbidden Hill (Bukit Larangan), it is one of the famous attractions near Haus on Handy condominium. You should have a good read on it if you don’t know about it. It dates back to the 1800s, an old middle-class residential area. Since the condo is located nearby, residents will have easy access to this place easily. The perk of this venue is that it will provide residents to explore the city. Along with that, it will also offer people with a beautiful viewpoint that can be something of a romantic destination for young couples like you.

e)      Best Connectivity


The locale of Haus on handy has one of the best connectivity in town, mainly due to the station connectivity of Dhoby Ghaut MRT and the famous Triple Line Interchange. One of the most important underground interchange stations of Singapore is Dhoby Ghaut MRT, known as Mass Rapid Transit. The importance of this is that, it remains the only station in Singapore to have a triple line crossing. You will find it at Orchard’s eastern end. Do check it out too whenever you will get the chance.

f)       Public Transport


Not everyone can support their own transport or even if they can, they may want to use public transport. Especially the young parents and in most of the cases, cannot seem to afford a car in this expensive city. They would love to have a place where they can travel around the different parts of the city easily.

Having all these attractions and facilities around, not only will this condo become more attractive shortly, but the valuation of Haus on Handy condo will increase steadily in the local market too!

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An Introduction of The Riviere Condo – Your dream home of comfort


Riviere condo is a magnificent residential and commercial site located at Jiak Kim street Kim Seng road Singapore and is expected to meet the family orientated luxury life and the commercial needs to individual. It’s believed to be the best property for investors with excellent connectivity, proximity to good schools and medical centers, shopping centers, parks and a kid friendly environment.

The condo is strategically located in the heart of district 9 of Singapore with enormous benefits to the residents. Riviere by Frasers Property Singapore affords you the life of getting whatever you need right at your door step and easy access to various amenities across Singapore. These include shopping malls like the valley point and Great world city, there are also good international restaurants and accessible road to many schools.

Residents of Riviere also enjoy good connectivity to different locations of the city. The famous orchard road is just one train station away from the condo and it connects to East Coast parkway, Marina south station and lots more too. Vehicle owners also get good access to major expressway linking the areas like the Marina Bay financial district and downtown financial district. Residents here enjoy an easy transportation system to nearby medical centers, schools and other social amenities.

There is also easy access to quality education for the residents of the condo. Families living here could easily access reputable schools like St Margret Primary School, School of the Arts, Outram Secondary School, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and lots more. Daycare centers allows parents to drop their kid in a secure and friendly environment before heading directly to work due to the excellent connectivity of the transport system.

Families can buy their daily needs in malls located around. Food stores, supermarket, fashion street, cosmetic shops and lots more are part of the benefits enjoyed by residents of the condo. Some malls around the condo include Great World City Mall, 313 Somerset, Orchard Gateway, the Cathay, paragon mall and many more.

A wide range of medical services are also enjoyed by residents of The Riviere. Excellent medical attention is available both by private and public hospitals.  The Singapore General Hospital is just a short drive away from the residence.  The hospital provides some of the best medical services in Singapore. Other medical practitioner offers specialized services in various medical fields and with the good transportation system, residents can reach out to the hospital in just a flash. Other hospitals located few blocks from the condo include KK Women and Children’s Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Gleneagles hospital.

The Riviere condo also provide a kid-friendly environment and parks for families to hang out with and have fun during their leisure time. The famous Amazonia is just a few blocks away from the condo where your kids can enjoy games and partying with friends. Robertson Quay is another place where kids and families can have fun in a kid friendly environment located right next to the Singapore river.

So next time when you are asking for that perfect home for your family or that comfortable home where you could raise a family or even invest your money, just come down to The Riviere Condo where we provide you the best of everything.

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The formation of Florence residences by Florence development

Coming from an anonymous insider, this latest project launch by Logan Property will be held in the next few months and the following brief details would be the formation of Florence Residences. It is cleverly situated at Hougang Avenue 2, D19. Being the former HUDC turned private property development, it is strategically positioned on this part of the island that faces a tranquil and serene environment that promises to impress most new residents with their unrivalled panoramic scenic view.

Unique Selling Points
This residential project will be uniquely designed by a multiple award-winning architectural firm in Singapore. Touted to be futuristic and luxuriously fitted with smart technology that houses approximately 1,410 beautiful homes. The state-of-the-art system will enable the entire development of 389,000 square foot site to be fully and smartly utilised.

There are quite a nice number of great entertainment and commercial locations out there which is in close proximity to the Florence Residences. There will be plenty of transportation choices for new residents who wanted to reach their destination quickly. Bus interchange in the Hougang Central vicinity allows one to easily hop on a ride to travel far and beyond the city centre. For those in the community that uses our World-Class Rail Network, they can choose either Kovan or Hougang station as both of them are located within one kilometre of range to the residence.

Attractions and Amenities in proximity
As we mentioned, you will be offered with many transportation options to get around. You can easily visit our Marina Bay area which is one of the most famous venue for tourists and locals alike since it is a combination of greenery landscape and being the centre of business for financial activities in Singapore.

  • This redeveloped site is located just 20 minutes of drive from Orchard Road and just under 30 minutes of ride from Shenton Way (Financial Centre) using the improved railway.
  • You can reach various places by a few hours of drive from this location, such as Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for some affordable shopping trips on top of the neighbourhood Hougang Mall and Heartland Mall.
  • There are many notable landmarks in Hougang estate but the most famous one is Buangkok Green Medical Park that houses some world-class medical facilities that include the Institute of Mental Health (Woodbridge Hospital).

We are pretty sure that you will like this new project once it is open for viewing. To keep yourself updated with the latest news, visit Florence Residences official site for latest information and register for it online now!

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Will There be New Prospects in 2019 for Singapore Prime Districts?

In Singapore real estate market, it may be a bit too soon to make any assumption pertaining our prime districts for 2019. In the local context, building under construction (BUC) private properties in the prime districts between 9 to 11 had been highly sought after for so many years. With the market being set to return to a full recovery in the prices for newly developed real estate by the end of 2018, it was however met with some additional cooling measures set by the government recently.

This early conclusion by the city state may be on point for 2019. However, there are various factors to watch out for nearing the end of 2018 that will better stabilize a forecast for future condo prospects in prime area. A forecast of medium to long-term outcome on the horizon of new built condo including projects that could be in the new prime districts of Singapore.

Consideration for new prospects

To prioritize consideration of new housing supply and the set limit of new high-end luxury non-landed homes around Singapore, of which residential districts are growing faster has no absolute strength of outcome. Singapore could possibly see a gradual fall in the price of new condo market especially when the supply of completed ones is heading record high soon.

Secondly, this will further include completions of new development that are listed as high-end projects stemming solely from a new injection land supply from Singapore’s government land sales, otherwise known as GLS sites, as well as high-end collective sales from 2017 to 2018. The attribute of these freehold tenure properties spreading around Singapore will certainly be enhanced in the new local market. A freehold tenure will probably play a role in the decision making.

Thirdly, is the prestige of different district home addresses around Singapore and it is envisaged to strengthen the new condo developments, especially with upcoming large-scale development like 8 Saint Thomas condo along river valley road. There are plans to recreate beautiful landscaping in Ochard Road area to bring about a consistency in rejuvenation plans for the Central area of Singapore to create a dynamic city-state centre.

Together with set and strategic efforts by Singapore government agencies to transform the landscape of Singapore or preserve existing civic, commercial and cultural amenities, this will have an effect on which districts to make the cut for becoming new prospects for prime districts in Singapore. As of now, all outlooks are uncertain but those districts that are already prime, they will not lose their dear place in the Singapore city-state.

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How to Select Private Property with Functional and Luxurious Architecture

If you’ve been fretting over the selection of so many different residential projects, we are here to help you out. Buying a private property certainly involves a lot of pre-planning and research and in most cases, purchasing one could be a once-in-a-lifetime decision. That is why it is so important that we make the decision right at the first time.

If you’ve read the official announcement by Oxley lately, buying a private condo unit at their newly launch Kent Ridge Hill Residences will probably be the most shrewd and calculated move that won’t go wrong. Oxley Holdings Limited, our local homegrown and multiple award-winning developer are well-known for their quality assurance and value for money pricing structure principles.

  • About the Apartments

Unlike other usual projects, Kent Ridge Hill Residences will feature not only the standard one to four-bedroom unit type but will also be featuring a staggering 68 units of strata-titled landed houses within the redeveloped site. All the available apartment units, irrespective of their number of bedrooms are well designed for space, practicality and luxury comfort – hence the term “Functional and Luxurious Architecture”. The proposed building materials to be used, will also have the green eco-friendly label and optimum thermal properties to reinforce the architectural wonders.

By taking advantage of the fact that the surrounding area has a lot of greenery, developer have also worked it out with the architect on designing plenty of outdoor recreational facilities for the residents. There will be a strolling and jogging track for the health fitness crowd and a safe outdoor play area for our young children so that they can benefit from the fresh outdoor air as well.

  • Excellent Layout and Interiors

The orientation of the unit layout and facing will be such that no wasted space will feel cramped or insufficient. The size of the full-height glass window will ensure the sunlight and fresh air streaming into the apartments. Each and individual home will be filled with positive energy flow and the sunlight will not be harsh as the luxurious architecture have avoided the afternoon sun for residents.

Energy-saving fittings is a trademark segment for these smart developers. Their structures are always eco-friendly and durable. Provided fixtures and fittings are made of top-quality, so the new owners will not have to bear the inconvenience of replacing them frequently even with warranty.

  • Optimum Use of Space

The living hall of all apartment homes and townhouses will be the most spacious area, taking into consideration of families gathering in their most beloved corner in the evenings. Likewise, for the rest of the bedrooms, kitchen, toilet and balcony etc. They will be equally distributed according to their respective unit type.

  • Pricing Structure

With the promise of functional and luxurious architecture yet affordable by Oxley Holdings, we truly believe Kent Ridge Hill Residences will be the next highly sought-after residence by both home seekers and investors in the Pasir Panjang District 5 locale in the coming months. As seen from their most recent sold out projects nearby.

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Functional Architectural Design at its Best – Mayfair Collection

Purchasing a private property asset of Mayfair Collection will be a smart decision for even the most seasoned and sophisticated home hunters. World’s best architects have since come together on this condo redevelopment and by incorporating a new formula in finding the most suitable orientation, interior space organization solutions, as well as appropriate sizing of each individual units.

The detailed results from these findings, shined with all the mighty glory of functional architectural design principles. Apart from the highest quality and sustainable eco-friendly building materials with superb thermal properties, all the residential units within the boundary will benefit from the ancient traditions and natural principles of the beautiful eastern architecture.

Most of the individual units and bedroom orientation of all segments within Mayfair Collection condo increases the thermal protectivity features of the building envelope and none of the units are facing the West directly in Singapore’s tropical climate. This will be crucial for many home owners as the western orientation would mean lots of direct scorching sunlight during most of the year and such units will become extremely hot very quickly during the day.

Therefore, your condo unit cooling needs will not increase significantly as well as the energy consumption, environmental pollution and your overall discomfort for the homes here. Walls on the West will not have any large windows and openings for your well-being. Most of the units in this development are facing the North-South orientation which means that the heat within the unit can be easily controlled with minimum air-conditioning needs.

All dwelling units conceptualized will be spacious and you will not experience any dark corners in your own home. The northern and southern windows are dimensioned according to the room depth and each room receives sufficient light, yet very limited amount of direct heat-producing sunshine.

Living room spaces will be the most generous ones in all the residential homes, apart from the study / children’s room, dining area and kitchen. They are properly designed to fit all our standard furniture relevant for their respective usage. Granted generously would be the full floor-to-ceiling heights window, it provides a sense of luxury, impression of visually larger space, as well as an open view to the lush greenery and facilities around.

There are no dead corners in the design; each inches of space are well-used either for storage or wall-incorporated home appliances. Every unit has its own open space with view and weather protection shades. Residents could enjoy their evenings sitting outside the balcony while having their full privacy and comfort of their own home.

What to look out for?

If you’ve been eyeing one of such beautiful homes to call your own, look out for Oxley or their marketing agency when Mayfair Collection are released for sale in the next few months.

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What does The Tre Ver Condo offer?

Let’s face it! If you are looking for an affordable condo with a touch of class in Singapore downtown area, The Tre Ver will meet your requirements perfectly. Situated at Potong Pasir Avenue 1, it is in the middle of a well-developed commercial zone. Having the riverfront and Woodleigh Park as a fitting landscape, the condominium is a great choice for first-time investors and families.

In 2016, via collective sale, the UVD (Projects) Private Limited purchased the well-known Raintree Gardens housing project at an estimated $334.2 million.  UVD plans to redevelop the estate through a 50-50% joint venture with UOL Group Limited and United Industrial Corporation Limited.

A promise of quality

The officially appointed architect of The Tre Ver condo have been recognized globally for their social and environmental friendly design. The layout of each condo unit is a combination of practicality, comfort and aesthetics to suit even the most demanding buyer. Each and every home owner will have an easy access to most commercial areas with the smart concept coming from multiple award-winning architectural firm, WOHA.

From Potong Pasir Avenue 1, when you drive down Upper Serangoon Road, you will reach the main center of The Tre Ver housing complex. For individuals who does not drive, there are three railway stations close by, the North East MRT Line, Cirlce Line, Downtown Line and the Potong Pasir MRT Station. The project has a total of 729 units, mainly 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom premium abode that has been tastefully designed by the world-renowned architects.

Eateries, Entertainment and more

Where there are families, there will be a need for shopping malls, entertainment zones and a variety of cafes. The redevelopment project promises to deliver and provide every home owner with all the modern amenities available. The proposed Woodleigh Mall, Poiz Center, along with the existing City Square Mall in Farrer Park and the Nex Shopping Mall in Serangoon will form a huge commercial cluster for all residents.

Meeting the educational needs if necessary

The Cedar Girl’s Secondary and the St. Andrew’s Secondary School are within a small radius of The Tre Ver condominium complex. The Stamford American International School is another popular option for school-going children. For undergrads, the St. Andrew’s Junior College provides the best in quality education for their students. When you consider all these great little advantages, it is almost certainly a no-brainer that The Tre Ver at Potong Pasir Avenue 1 will be in great demand when they are open for sales launch.

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To Rent or Buy Park Colonial Condo by Unique Real Estate

Singapore – You may be looking at the current market place to decide whether it is the right time for you to buy Park Colonial or rent a condo after the breaking news from our Budget day 2018. The decision that you make will probably depend on a bunch of factors before you finalized your decision. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out the best option for yourself, whether to rent or to pursue a private home at Upper Serangoon, we are pleased to help you along with your journey from here as a consulting firm.

Identify your needs for renting or Park Colonial condo

Before finalizing your decision to rent or purchase a condo you’ll need to identify your specific needs for doing so. Are you buying or renting a condo to get more space? Do you want more freedom of space? Do you need a space that you can tailor to your specific needs? Buying a condo allows you to make any changes that you want to the condo. By being the owner of Park Colonial Condo, it gives you the freedom to make invasive changes to the interior of the unit, such as renovating and expanding the space to your taste.

If you are renting the space, you’re only moving into the space as a tenant without the right to make any changes to the condo, except for decorating it. Management Committee Members won’t allow tenants who lease the unit to make any significant permanent changes to any interior spaces within a condo. Depending on your need for this, you probably would want to find out more on what you can do in the condo to make a better decision towards renting or owning it forever.

Determining your household budget

Considering that buying Park Colonial or renting a condo somewhere else can significantly impact your budget both ways, you’ll need to be fully aware of your budget in all financial aspects. Buying a condo should be within a comfortable purchase price point for you. Also renting should be within a comfortable renting budget as well. As a rule of thumb, we want to purchase a condo where the purchase price doesn’t exceed our four-year combined salary that you’re gonna make yearly. If purchasing the condo exceeds your four-year combined salary, then it may be more affordable for you to rent the condo as opposed to purchasing it. If you really want to purchase it, Park Colonial location at Woodleigh Lane might fit into your budget as they have 805 apartments for you to choose from.

Compare the long-term costs of buying and renting

Although you can pay just about the same amount to rent or paying via mortgage loan, you probably want to choose the option that is most affordable and gets you the most advantages. If you plan on living in the same area for a longer length of time, then buying Park Colonial condo will be the best option for you.

You can build equity in the condo unit after you purchase it, where your ownership will then pay it off largely. Otherwise, renting is more geared towards a short-term stay, but many people do rent for lengthy amounts of time as well.

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3 Cuscaden condo by Sustained Land

When visiting the open house of 3 Cuscaden condo, you will be able to meet all kinds of people. Beginning from investors whom will be looking to snap up any potential rental properties, first time buyers looking for something that would provide value for money, and also baby boomers that would like to downsize their responsibilities and size – you would be able to get it all from here.

The reason why condos have managed to become so popular in today’s era is because of the benefits and flexibility that it has to offer to its tenants. This is because in addition to having your own unit, you would also be able to share ownership of the building, land, and common areas. Simply put, you would be sharing the cost with other people while the property management company or board of directors would be making the bigger decisions.

Hence, it would be safe to say that you will be hearing a lot of buzz being created for 3 Cuscaden condo. That will make you ponder if it would indeed be a smart choice for you or not. In order to find out more about it, please read through below.

Someone else would be looking after the outside work

One of the major benefits from owning a condo would be that you will no longer have to handle the additional hassle of worrying who would be doing the outside work. Thanks to there being a dedicated maintenance team in place, they will be doing this job for all the residents. So be it mowing the lawn, repairing outside structures, or even shoveling the snow – they will be able to do all this for you. As for the cost of the services, your monthly condo maintenance fees will cover all of it.

Major costs would be shared among property owners

As has already been stipulated by law, a portion of the condo maintenance fees would go in to a pool fund. So that the property will still be taken care of, the fund will cover major repairs such as roofing and replacing windows without additional cost being incurred by the owners. So, even in the off chance that the fund would fall short, a special assessment would be done. This will ensure that the cost would be shared equally by all the owners.


You will be able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle should you decide in buying a unit at 3 Cuscaden condo. In addition to enjoying your personal and private space, you will be able to share common areas such as recreation rooms and swimming pools. This will give you the perfect opportunity to socialize with your neighbors.


The high-end condo here will offer you with benefits where you would not be able to see in the average apartment building nearby. These would include a private gym, theatre room, party room, and a swimming pool.


Thanks to owning a condo unit at 3 Cuscaden condo, you will be able to reap the benefit of customization. As a result of this, you will also be able to decorate your personal space the way you had envisioned it to be. You would be given the freedom to paint the falls, put up pictures, and everything else under your own roof. Come and talk to us if you’re keen to purchase one for yourself or as a gift to someone special.

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Margaret Ville Condo Singapore

Margaret Ville Condo – Latest Project by MCL Land

A ninety-nine-year condominium on a leasehold status from the Government will be coming up next at Margaret Drive Singapore. Along the powerful main arterial commonwealth avenue road that leads you to many places along the way. This Margaret Ville Condo Singapore is the brainchild of Internationally recognized MCL Land, a listed company under Hongkong Land Holdings and with a long track record of well over 50 years in both Singapore and Malaysia. They are well known for building quality and affordable homes for the public yet not compromising on anything.
It will be launch right after our Chinese New Year although dates have not been confirmed as of now, but we will pull through all advertisement platforms and make known to everyone prior to the big day on the second quarter of 2018.

Margaret Ville Condo Singapore

There will be a home or unit for everyone who submitted their interest online, as there will be a wide configurations of unit sizes from as small as 474sqft to well over 1400sqft size for the families.
If you’re an investor looking to purchase one from the development, you will be equally glad to learn that with the uprising of One North business park, there will certainly be an increase of demand from the foreign communities for housing rental and this area is exactly shortage of such rental supplies. No doubt on that and a no-brainer choice to buy into Margaret Ville Condo for the more advanced and savvy investors.

Well, but if you’re looking to raise your kid in this Queenstown district 3 area, you will not be short-changed as there are numerous good schools for your children to begin with. Educational Institutions such as the likes of CHIJ Kellock School, Tanglin Trust School, Anglo-Chinese School (International) and Global Indian International School.

Backed by a strong transportation node at your doorstep, residents will be easily and conveniently travel to other destinations. Margaret Ville Condo Singapore is actually right in the middle of both Commonwealth MRT and Queenstown MRT, a train route plying on the most important East West line on the whole MRT system.

With such a great locale, we foresee a smooth transition for you and your family during the day to day life into the city centre for work. In addition to all these great attributes, MCL land will also be working alongside one of the top architecture firm in designing the condo with the best possible permutations including the view to die for as a resident here. There will certainly be a view towards the Good Class Bungalows area as they are your immediate neighbours around the vicinity.

Why wait?

Do not wait and hold out anymore if you are hunting for a home, you will be surprised by the fast pace of selling in recent months due to the bottoming out of local residential property market.

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The Opus Amber Road Former Amber Park

The Opus is anamazing condominium located at 16 Amber Gardens in Singapore. Amber Gardens is in fact a little street that links Tanjong Katong Road to Amber Road. The Opus is located in an area that is certainly regarded to being one of the best. It has a tranquil environment and with a lower crime rate than other neighborhoods. The ideal placing of the condo tower enables occupants to have quick access to our major transport node for traveling.

The Opus Condominium at Amber Gardens

The Opus Amber Road offers many different floor plans to ensure that each and every resident will have that “perfect” abode which fits their personal requirement. There are properties with as many as 3 sleeping rooms or as few as 1 sleeping room options. The Opus Amber En-bloc presents many services that the occupants will be pleased to possess. There is certainly a club, an indoor fitness center, a 100 meters swimming pool and BBQ pits located somewhere around the children’s recreation space. Therefore, occupants will not have to spend time traveling to other places in order to have such a family event. In addition, there will also be a tennis court and a 24hrs concierge securing the private property.

One of the key essential features of The Opus will be its centralized locale in Katong vicinity that will place the occupants in close-proximity to areas of interest such as East Coast Beach for leisure and the big shopping malls for groceries around Katong neighborhood.

East Coast Park is no doubt, one of the most popular venue for families to have some really quality fun time. They will also be able to fully utilize the barbecue pits in preparing some of their kids’ favourite food instead of frequently patronizing different restaurants during outing.

The Opus Amber Gardens Singapore

This condo development is home to the East Coast food Centre where there is a strong following with many of them returning for more. You will be able to have an evening stroll through the food centre and enjoy the sea breeze blowing past your lovely face together with your loved ones on the relaxing beach. It will be a rejuvenating experience for the both of you after a long day at work.

The Opus condominium is also located extremely near to Katong Shopping Mall, among the first few shopping centres built in Singapore. It offers a variety of shopping experiences to visitors such as custom tailors, employment agencies, printing providers and opticians etc. including several dining establishments and karaoke joints for the singing fanatics.

The Opus Amber Gardens, Amber Road Singapore

Apart from the Katong Shopping Mall which is in close-proximity to The Opus Katong, the long-standing Parkway Parade Shopping Centre is also within a short distance away. You will be able to find all your wants and needs in this particular place.

If you have school kids, you will be equally delighted to have top notch academic institutions within close-proximity to The Opus Gardens. These elite institutions include Tanjong Katong Primary, Tanjong Katong Girl’s School and Tao Nan School.

This condominium will provide families with the best life can offer, residing with the Opus will have you covered in terms of all your needs and in a highly coveted prime district 15 address.

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